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BBC’s OneCoin podcast “The Missing Cryptoqueen” has it all

A conspiracy, larger than life characters, pyramid schemes, plastic surgery: if you want a podcast that has all the ingredients of a mystery novel and combines with some decent journalism, look no further than The Missing Cryptoqueen. The podcast hasn’t gathered as much attention as it should, so here’s a wholehearted recommendation. The podcast starts…

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Choose better leaders

We can disassociate ourselves from the leaders making bad decisions right now, around the world. “They’re not my leaders, I did not vote for them…” But the fact is, as societies we did. So let’s not distance ourselves, let’s engage… Recently, I was listening to the good-bad-advice podcast “Dear Hank & John” by brothers John…

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Artwork by Lotte Boots
Artwork by Lotte Boots for A Room To Roam.

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