Song&Art: ‘Sunblind’ by Fleet Foxes

Sunblind artwork by Lotte Boots

And in your rarified air I feel sunblind
I’m looking up at you there high in my mind
Only way that I made it for a long time
But I’m loud and alive, singing you all night, night

Sunblind – Fleet Foxes

After spending so much time indoors, it’s a joy to be outside and see Spring unfold around me. Walking in a forest or in the fields, nature feels like the best place to process all the things that have happened recently. It’s been a lot, both on a personal level and the things we’re collectively going through. The song Sunblind by Fleet Foxes is probably the perfect soundtrack. It celebrates Fleet Foxes’ creative influences, by mentioning artists that are no longer with us, like Elliot Smith and Richard Swift. I loved you long points to a feeling of grief, but then the song quickly turns into something more uplifting by giving those artists the great coronation they deserve. Instead of getting stuck in grief, the song is accepting the way things are.

Sunblind artwork by Lotte Boots
Artwork by Lotte Boots

There’s melancholy and sadness in the verses, longing back for people that have come and gone. Yet the chorus feels like a declaration of hope, of not just grieving, but of acting, and celebrating the memories in the beauty of the nature and the world. Whether you play on your acoustic guitar, or swim for a week, or go on a big hike: allowing yourself to dream and fully embrace your feelings and the world around you seems key.

The music supports my feelings perfectly. The melody rises ever higher while the instruments swell louder and louder. The song encourages you to make the most of it, in spite of any sadness you may have. Despite its sadness, life can be joyful. Despite the sadness, this song can lift you up and show you life’s beauty. And so it does.

Stefan Meeuws shares his thoughts about a song he’s been listening to. Lotte Boots draws original artwork to show her perspective of the song. You can follow her on Instagram. Other instalments of this series can be found on this page.

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