Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you may have!

What is the idea behind TimeSpaceMatter?

Read the answer to this question here.

How does this website survive?

Right now, this is just an experiment. We try to survive on donations and subscriptions from you, our readers (see the links on every page if you’d like to contribute). While we may have to find other sources of income in the future, we categorically rule out implementing tracking ads and relying on the big Internet ad networks as a revenue stream. We’re working on a shop where you can buy stuff to support the cause.

Is it safe to sign up for a subscription or make a donation?

Excellent question. We rely on Stripe for our subscriptions and Mollie for donations. I encourage to research the sites for yourselves. Stripe only works with creditcards right now, if you want a subscription. If you don’t have a credit card, you can donate via Paypal or iDEAL.

But won’t you steal my credit card data and buy nice things?

Time Space Matter and the company it belongs to (TSM Media), nor its contributors and volunteers can’t access your payment information. This is all handled by the payment provider. The only information we get when you become a subscriber, is the information you fill in before you get to the payment process. The creation of your Time Space Matter account will allow us to send you exclusive stories and newsletters as well as service you in the best way possible when using our online magazine. We encourage not to share any more info than you feel necessary when using the website.

What do I get when I become a subscriber?

Eternal gratitude obviously, and you help create a future for this very website. So thank you for that. You also get a Time Space Matter-account, which prepares you for future benefits. We are working on exclusive content and offers for our members, including new original art and stories for you to view. We are hoping to launch this all later this year. We will inform all subscribers of this in advance when we have new developments.

What cookies do you store on my computer?

We use software to see who visits the site and what stories work and don’t work. Your data is, however, not shared with other big companies like Google or Facebook, nor should you find any so-called tracking cookies on our site. If you feel like our site does invade your privacy, please get in touch via the contact page and we’ll see what we can do to fix it.

So why are you on Instagram and other social networks?

We feel like we need to be present on some social networks to reach a big enough audience to become a sustainable force on the Internet. While we do have (active) profiles on these social networks, they are not directly connected with the site. So if you do not use social networks like this, you don’t have to worry they collect any data about you on our site.

Can I contribute to the site in any way?

Yes, right now we’re actively developing new formats and stories. Get in touch via the Contact Page and we’ll figure things out.